Nobody’s Poem

You don’t know a thing.
You can not comprehend.

Why do I suffer for a life you must pretend?
If you’re so proud why can’t you speak?
On the evil you create.

I’ll cut your heart and watch you bleed,
Closed circuit, stalked and faked.
There was a time not long ago,
Let’s call them golden days,
You drew a line I can’t forgive,

Now your chance has gone away.

I forgave this, I forgave that.
I pleaded and I begged.
And every time I cried out loud
You all just walked away,
And with no one to turn too
The rage just filled my soul.

Now all I can truly do
Is push to watch you go.

A broken heart is one thing,
A broken minds too far,
And when I snap they’ll never speak
On the demons that they are.

Sometimes I like to drift away
But I never hurt no one.
Chase a butterfly or two
And contemplate the sun,
And when I go we’ll all know
This secrets on the shelf,
And when I go I hope you know
You brought this on yourself.

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