The Pay It Forward Plan


Hey, how are you doing?

I have an idea…

I want to do something great and meaningful in my life.
I want everyone that has somehow crossed my path to do the same.

My idea is to start small.
Prosperity is the goal here and self satisfaction.

The way I want to do it is connect with everyone around me and do something for them for free, no questions asked.

On top of this good act I want them to be able to keep prospering because of this one act and gesture I sow into their lives.

You get the idea?

Maybe your understanding is
“I totally comprehend this and I myself have always wanted such a thing or hoped for such, but how?”

Well I know such things always seem incredible but get this…

I have always envisioned and noticed the greater things in some of the smallest and almost seemingly meaningless things in life.

I saw the greatness that was hidden in this one simple idea…

I came to you knowing that you too will see it.

Well, I hope you reach out to me and are comfortable with us talking a bit about this if you are in…

It is real, worth it and like I have stated it is so simple and free. Also I want to leave this quote that means a lot and is very deep to me.

Pay it forward because even the smallest things in life are great. – (Rogelio J. Ortiz A.K.A. Life)
Take The Leap Of Faith.

Here it is!